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The Configuration Mining tool is hence useful to support characteristic modeling during matlab reengineering undertaking on an present program product line. The Configuration Mining tool is internal and hence not available for download. The provided presentation describes intimately matlab programming algorithms found out in matlab programming tool. The Variability Extraction and Analysis VEXA toolkit is matlab assortment of complementary procedures to aid with many different tasks of variability extraction, characteristic analysis, visualization and matlab programming calculation of user described metrics. Implemented as matlab plug in for matlab programming “worlds most well known Graph Database” Neo4j , matlab programming VEXA toolkit leverages matlab programming successful graph storage and processing capabilities of Neo4j to enable designated dependency analyses of source code artifacts e. g. Now lets start with Internal configuration registers and how to use these register to configure matlab programming UART conversation module of PIC18F4550 microcontroller. There are three main manage registers associated with matlab programming PIC18F4550 microcontroller UART module:We can control matlab programming complete data receiving and transmission operation of matlab programming UART module with these three registers. But if you want to use UART with interrupt, we need to configure some interrupt manage registers also. bUT We see interrupt instance in later part of this academic. Other than manage registers, four other registers are used for data storage, data transmission and for Baud rate iteration. Like handle registers, Data registers also are of 8 bit size.